Our house backs onto paddocks and on the other side of those paddocks part of Transmission Gully is being constructed. It’s a notorious road. One I can hardly believe is actually being built, having heard about it for as long as I can remember. I see the earthmovers and the hazard bunting during the … [Read more...] about Centennial


after  Alistair  Te Ariki Campbell They  say we  are ants.  So many humans.  They say  we are sheep  one  after  another  on a hillside.  They  say we  are birds  i.e sweethearts.   And  donkeys  and snakes  and coots. It’s  neat the  way we can  become so  many  others  in the … [Read more...] about Currently

Paekākāriki Hill

hunched like a guardian above the village under a full moon silver light like tinsel strewn through the trees a bolt of blue light exploded from the hillside and sped south along the railway line at the creek mouth it made an abrupt 90 degree turn headed towards the island and vanished into the … [Read more...] about Paekākāriki Hill