A Colourful Community

Louve Pharand-Doucet is a young French Canadian student passionate about music, feminism and photography. She moved with her family in 2018 to New Zealand for a new adventure. She wants her works to show the diversity and beauty that is all around us, everyday.

Escapade d’après-midi / Afternoon escape
 Mighty blues
Van full of memories
Bubble trouble – the monthly Paekākāriki market
We are all stars
Guardians of the Planet Earth – Paekākāriki School Plant Sale
Flourishing under the sun
Liberté enfantine / Childish freedom
“All you need is love” – Village Valentine’s disco
Gathering for warmth – Paekakariki.nz launch
A treasure trove – Village Vinyl Fair
Nature along us – Paekākāriki Orchard and Garden
Cellists rushing for the train
Serenity – Crimson Club at St Peter’s Hall
Flying like a bird – Barn dance at St Peter’s Hall
Paekākāriki PrideParade 2019

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

John Lennon