Beyond Transmission Gully: the future of Beach Rd

The Paekākāriki Station Museum received a grant from KCDC to ask the community how Transmission Gully will affect the village. You are invited to participate in a facilitated discussion to help shape the future of Beach Road.

Photo: Derek Borland

Help shape Paekākāriki for the future. Bring your insights and aspirations along and participate in a facilitated workshop on Sunday 30th October 11 am St Peter’s Village Hall.

The Paekākāriki Station Trust received a grant earlier this year from the KCDC Social Impact Scheme to see what effect Transmission Gully has had on the village, and how as a community we can continue to thrive. Consentire has been guiding a process ( It started with 30 interviews, so they could start to understand how people wanted to move forward.

Consentire has heard about Paekākāriki’s sense of place, its opportunities and challenges. They’ve spoken to a wide range of people – asking each person who they wanted to talk to, and who was absent from the place and conversation at the moment.  What they understand so far is that most of the concern is for a valued future of Beach Road, and for Ngāti Haumia and young people’s mana to be lifted up by that future.  This is what some participants said:

“We are sparky, it keeps us alive”.

“Ngāti Haumia is bubbling up”.

“Everywhere you look, you will see something that the community has done”.

“Our physical environment defines us”.

They are now going to use what they heard in those interviews to kick-start a workshop discussion on 30th October. The workshop will start with a mihi from Karl Farrell, Ngāti Haumia, followed by a presentation by Consentire of draft insights from these interviews, which will kick off a facilitated discussion. Working together, they will explore all insights into how Paekākāriki needs to adapt in order to thrive.

They welcome all – to speak and learn about a future you would value. 

Consentire knows that people come to workshops when someone they know invites them, so please invite your friends – and especially encourage younger people – with you.

11 am on Sunday 30th October at St Peter’s Village Hall.

If you have any queries or particular needs for that day then do get in touch: [email protected].

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