Ian and jenny Clark. Image: Bob Zuur

Books Books Books: Ian and Jenny Clark

Paekākāriki villagers are known for their love of books. No surprise then that the Paekākāriki Book Fair is chocka with both tomes and people, and in the midst of the banana boxes are Jenny and Ian Clark.

Books books books. We have a well loved small library on Wellington Road and two shared street side spaces to exchange books – the old Whatisname Memorial Library high on Tilley Road and Cornercopia, corner of Tilley and Te Miti. No surprise then that the Paekakariki Book Fair has always been a significant event and a major fundraiser for the Paekākāriki Community Trust who among other things run St Peters Hall where it’s based. For more information on the book fair running 24-25 July go here.

I spoke with Ian and Jenny Clark about their life in Paekākāriki, the trust and book fair.

Ian Clark is chair of the Paekākāriki Community Trust. The trust runs a range of activities under its kaupapa to, I quote, “support the economic and social sustainability of Paekākāriki, and to set up and administer systems and buildings to support the community, including restoration of St Peter’s Hall and its administration as a multi-purpose community facility.”

Jenny Clark is also involved in the fair and has written previously for paekakariki.nz on the important heritage represented by the village’s Beach Road street frontage, which beyond the hotel Finns remains pretty much as it was 100 years ago, including the hall.