How it started – Paekākāriki Escarpment track

We kept muttering this to ourselves as we took another swipe at the stems which were thick like bamboo. It took about an hour to make 5 metres progress using a slasher. The idea was to make a track going all the way to Pukerua Bay, and deep down we knew it was impossible. Nga Uruora looks after … [Read more...] about How it started – Paekākāriki Escarpment track

How to grow lizards

I have lived in Paekākāriki for over 35 years. Most of that time I have not known much about lizards. Sure, there have always been a few skinks running around my garden. But that was about all I knew. All that began to change when Ngā Uruora hired Ecogecko to do a series of local lizard surveys. … [Read more...] about How to grow lizards

Extended hours! New shows!

Much excitement! From Sunday 28 February Paekakakariki 88.2FM’s extending its hours so your day kicks off at 8am after the Kapiti bird’s dawn chorus. But wait there’s more! We have six new shows starting this month, with a big injection from new local DJs who are either at Kapiti College or … [Read more...] about Extended hours! New shows!

Announcing Paekākā

Welcome to Paekakariki – we hope this site helps you to find your way around. Paekakariki: To the Ngati Haumia who settled here it was the bay of the kakariki – some say it’s another name for paradise … it’s even been called The Centre of the Universe. But whatever it’s been called, while you’re … [Read more...] about Announcing Paekākā