In Praise of…Helpers!

St Peter’s Hall recently held their annual fundraising Book Fair. And it couldn’t be done without the help of all the volunteers! Ian Clark from the Paekākāriki Community Trust pays tribute to you all.

Image: Bob Zuur

Last weekend the Paekākāriki Community Trust held a book fair in St Peter’s Village Hall.  The fair raised more than $8,500 which will go towards the upkeep of the hall.  It took a couple of weeks to get ready for the fair, and many people had a load of fun carrying, sorting and selling around 10,000 books, all donated from generous residents on the coast.  Our volunteers were well fed by Jan Borland and Sean Treacy, and others who donated delicacies for lunch, morning and afternoon teas.

As with other local events, a spinoff from the activity is the enormous satisfaction that people get from being involved in something worthwhile for their community.  Fundamental to the success of the book fair are the volunteers.  Without them it wouldn’t happen.

So, thank you all!

Paekākāriki Community Trust members

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