Liana’s lockdown challenge: to paint every day

Liana Stupples is well-known in Paekākāriki for her wild play and ‘re-wilding yourself’ activities. She is also a talented artist – she shares her watercolour illustrations of local scenes she loves created during lockdown.

Liana Stupples. Photo supplied.

When lockdown fell this time my pantry cupboard was deliberately pre-stocked, but it was a fluke that I also had a stash of watercolours and paper.  So as my work dried up, something that I have meant to do for a long time came to the top of the to do list: learn to paint watercolours. 

After one lesson  a few years ago I had enough theoretical knowledge of technique to be dangerous and since I’ve lived in Paekākāriki since 2008, I had a wealth of loved local haunts for creative inspiration. All I needed was discipline. That’s why I pledged to paint every day and to paint what I saw those few weeks on my local walks. I shared the paintings on the local Facebook page for my own accountability but also to share solidarity with my fellow Paekākārikians; maybe they have noticed the same treasured scenes that I have? 

I really enjoyed painting every day. I think I have improved. But most of all I loved the virtual contact of sharing the love of this big little place.

Find out more about Liana here.

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