We empower kids to build confidence in science, tech, engineering and maths (STEM) in a fun, safe and supportive environment with a particular focus on getting girls into STEM. Let’s GO!

Statistics show girls begin to lose confidence in Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths subjects during primary school, and that by 12 years old many no longer believe that STEM is for them. The GO Club aims to change all that!
Our GO Club programme is centred on how girls communicate, learn and work as a team. We follow their interests throughout the term to develop a range of lessons that expand their scientific knowledge, give them new experiences and most importantly, encourage them to take hold of STEM and explore it confidently.

Now open to boys with The B.O. Club! Boys are traditionally encouraged to explore STEM subjects and we know so many of them who love LEGO, engineering and technology. But where boys are often let down is how they’re expected to communicate often complex concepts with each other, and to a broader audience. Communication in the sciences and how our STEM leaders bring concepts to the public is a fundamental aspect of a STEM career. We think it’s critical in high quality STEM education too – and at the B.O. Club nothing less is acceptable! Boys in the club will learn how to centre clients in their design, how to think ‘people first’ and how to clearly communicate their ideas – all while exploring our great STEM activities!

We empower kids to become critical thinkers as young as age 5. We introduce the scientific method and basic mathematics concepts in everything we do, even eating afternoon tea! At our STEM Lab in Paraparaumu we use high-quality equipment like LEGO, LEGO Power Functions and BOOST; Roominate; Goldieblox; K’Nex, Flexo and more, not to mention getting out in nature and exploring with natural and found objects.