Paekākāriki Emergency Preparedness Group

Who we are: 

Emergency response volunteers in the village that have been active since Kaikoura.


To collectively organise and prepare for an emergency in Paekakariki. 


To ensure our community is ready and can and will take care of each other when an emergency happens. 


Anyone who has an interest in preparedness and response. Everyone has something to contribute. 


  • Initiative: We will be proactive in thinking about how events impact our community and how we can mitigate those impacts and become even stronger.
  • Inclusive and participatory: Everyone has a role to play. We are all leaders. We will provide mutual support for those who are interested to take action. 
  • Thoughtful: We will think about our actions and the consequences, and choose those actions that have the greatest benefit and the least negative consequences. This includes adherence to privacy laws.
  • Evidence-based: We will refer to reliable sources, deferring to government sources. We will not support misinformation. 
  • Compassion: We will promote caring and sharing. We will think of those more vulnerable in our community and ensure they are connected and cared for.
  • Efficient: We will not duplicate efforts, but rather reinforce good ideas and initiatives including government. 

Contact us

Kerren Hedlund 027 396 8431

Holly Ewens 027 270 7090