Weavers Whare – Mural

When an arts register was created last year, it was identified that the weaving mural pattern on the Weaver’s Whare at Tilley Rd reserve needed relatively urgent maintenance. The weatherboards were badly damaged due to the previous painting in black and inadequate underlying prep. KCDC parks team have repaired the damaged weatherboards and work has commenced on stripping back the worst parts and repainting the whole building so there is a good basis for future artwork.

Now we’d like to know what your preference is as a community, over these two options.

A) Would you like to see the same design repainted (see below photo). Option A can be completed out of the existing arts maintenance budget and can commence in the new year.


B) Would you like a new design to be considered (that fits with the local community, Ngāti Haumia and Reserve Management Plan considerations.) If option B is preferred, a member(s) of the community will need to take the lead on what the proposal is (including seeking design ideas from members of the community) and this would need to be funded by those presenting the proposal through grants such as the Creative Communities grant. The chosen design proposal then needs to be presented to the mural working group for consideration. And once approved can be implemented.

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Image: Mark Coote