Putting the cycle back into recycling

Say what?
Say… Do you want to go for a bike ride today?

I’d love to go with y’all, but my bike is just too small!

Well, bikes can get too small,
But that doesn’t matter at all!
The bike library’s here to save the day
And it’s definitely less wasted money to pay.

You mean, I can just borrow a bike,
And change it up whenever I like?


This is recycling, there are bikes galore!    

But how much is it really to pay? $30 dollars a year!
And you say, I could even volunteer?!

What a fantastic opportunity!

Yep, such a free-wheelin’ way to be part of our community!

Come on down and join Jan and her dream team:
Donate a bike, borrow a bike or learn how to fix one,
next thing you know, you’ll be cycling in the sun….


I’ll join the bike library today!

Check out the bike-library

Image: Mark Coote