Seizing the moment for change: Dr Mike Joy

Dr Mike Joy, a founder of the Better Futures Forum

Beyond the upcoming election, how can all citizens contribute to a vision for change?  The Better Futures Forum has been founded by Paekākāriki’s Dr Mike Joy (a well known freshwater advocate) and a core group of others to seize this moment of opportunity for change nationally. It is not aligned to any political party, nor an election platform but is looking ahead.

Mark Amery and Sylvia Bagnall talked to Mike about the impetus behind the Forum and what they hope to do on our community radio show ‘Te Pae’ on Paekakariki 88.2 FM. 

As Joy says, “Better Futures Forum sprung out of a crisis. A crisis that will be one of many if we do not fundamentally change the way we live or use the finite resources on this planet… 

“Covid-19 can be interpreted as a warning to humanity of the dire consequences of not changing the way we live and use the planet’s resources, but the flipside of this “warning” is that the crisis presents us with an opportunity. In other words, to see this crisis as an opportunity to reassess the way we live and to follow a different path from the economic model that led us to this crisis in the first place.”