Paekākāriki survey and magazine is here!

Expect to hear from a neighbour with a survey and magazine over June and July. Or see link below.

Kia ora hapori

You and other members of your household can do our vital one-off survey for emergency planning and connectedness at any time before July 22. CLICK HERE for the survey.

One of our volunteers will be coming to your door with the survey and a free copy of a magazine.

I’m Mark Amery of Paekākāriki informed Community, an organisation who run your local radio station and this web platform 

Thanks to a legion of village supporters we are bringing this one-off Paekākāriki magazine to every house in the village.

It’s a directory of our clubs and groups, services and  businesses but it’s also a way to celebrate us. It features walks and rides, and news, creative and history stories, key local information and a heap of gorgeous photographs, all created by you, the community for over the last seven years. 

To use some buzzwords it’s all about making us more resilient and sustainable by sharing what we have.

But there’s a catch – we’re going to try and do something pretty unique to supercharge this kaupapa. 

To get your free copy we’re asking each household to take part in an anonymous survey to help us best communicate as a village and better prepare for an emergency.

To do this we’re reactivating neighbourhood cluster groups set up during Covid lockdown. These are groups of a dozen to two dozen or so homes. Some are even still active. Because… in an emergency our first responders are our neighbours. 

If you’d like to help with this work please let me know ([email protected]). 

All this is rolling out gently over June and July.  If curious: our local cafes and Bhavesh and Horace should have a copy of the magazine for your to peruse. 

And you can buy extra copies at $20 each by going to and emailing your address for delivery to [email protected]

And again, you and other members of your household can all do the survey at any time before July 22 at the link above. 

Below is some further key information.

Project Background

Paekākāriki Informed Community Incorporated (PICI) received a grant from the Paekākāriki Community Board, and gathered sponsorship and advertising from local businesses to help fund it. PICI were tasked with producing the magazine, a survey and reactivating the neighbourhood cluster groups. The work seeks for us to get to know each other better as neighbours for a stronger community and emergency resilience. 

Community resilience planning

Neighbourhood cluster groups were set up during Covid Lockdown 2020 (some of these groups thrive whilst others are dormant).

The project doesn’t seek to commit clusters to continue but use these as a way to get to know your neighbours better. You choose if you want to connect more. 

Who is involved?

Mark Amery is managing editor on the project, Kerren Hedlund has been driving emergency preparedness, Elyse Robêrt has been contracted to build the survey and secure cluster coordinators, Nik Bullard and Sarah Laing have been contracted to edit and design the magazine respectively, with lots of voluntary help. 

The survey

In an emergency, our first responders are our neighbours. Information gathered will be used to guide emergency preparedness and communications planning. Participation in this survey is anonymous and confidential. However if you would like to be identified and contacted for further input, please provide your contact details.

Survey findings will be confidentially stored in a password protected cloud storage owned by PICI and destroyed after 7 years. 

Survey findings will be shared with the following groups:

  • Paekākāriki Resilient
  • Paekākāriki Informed Communities Incorporated

We will produce a report – with no personal identifiable information – that will be shared with the Paekākāriki Community Board and publicly through the newsletter and social media.

Ngā mihi for making this community so awesome.