The Smallest Chemist with the Biggest Stock: Bill Carson’s Chemist remembered

The Paekākāriki Station Museum has created an exhibition dedicated to ‘the smallest chemist with the biggest stock’. Bill Carson ran his tiny chemist in Paekākāriki from the 1930s until the shop closed in 1981, initially from the Holtoms Building then from 12 Beach Road. He became a deeply loved and respected member of this close-knit community for his caring, knowledgeable and helpful nature. profiles his story here.

Carson collection, Paekākāriki Station Museum

Owning what was believed to be the only chemist from Plimmerton to Levin for many years, residents in Plimmerton would give their prescriptions to the guards on the passenger trains and they would deliver them to Carson to fill. The filled prescriptions were likewise returned to residents via the train guards.

“He was a major figure and influence in the community,” says Dave Johnson from the Paekākāriki Station Museum. 

“He needs to be remembered well for what he did for the whole community”.

Doreen Fisher inside Carson’s Chemist.
Photo: Barb Wimms

To find out more about this much-loved chemist, visit the Paekākāriki Station Museum. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-3pm.

Listen to the Carson’s Chemist interview with Dave Johnson, Michael O’Leary and Moira Romeril on Paekākāriki 88.2FM.