Update on SH59 coast road closure

Wellington Transport Alliance is the highway maintenance partnership of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Fulton Hogan and WSP engineering consultants. Here is an update on the repair work required for SH59 between Fishermans Table and Pukerua Bay.

Photo: Wellington Transport Alliance

Since the slip on Friday 19 August, the coast road between Fisherman’s Table and Pukerua Bay has been closed for the clean-up and to protect road users if there are further slips. It will be closed for a few more weeks for hillside safety works to reduce the risk further.

The road has become a worksite with barriers to keep people out for their safety.

  • Please do not enter the slip control works area on the hill.
  • People using the off-road beach walking track to bypass the works can use the path beside the seawall to head north once they leave the layby at the bottom of the hill.
  • Please do not walk or cycle on the road north of the layby as work trucks are using the area and road repairs are also being done. Stick to the path.
  • A path has been created from the beach walking track around the layby at the bottom of the hill with a barrier to keep you safe from moving machinery.
  • Access via the beach walking track depends on the weather and high tides. Please exercise caution.
  • We will continually monitor the situation to see when it will safe for pedestrians and road users to return to the road past the slip area.

The Pukerua Bay Hillside Slip project is underway to stabilise the slip site and help prevent further slips on the State Highway 59 coast road north of Pukerua Bay.

The road between Paekākāriki and the northern end of Pukerua Bay is an active worksite and must remain closed for everyone’s safety.

Work on the slip face is taking place both from the base of the slope, and from the top of the hill where a large overhang of soil and trees can be removed quickly and efficiently.  This should reduce the length of time journeys will be impacted.

Contractors will work through the weekend to prevent further slips and make progress.

The hillside is being inspected daily to assess when pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles can safely be allowed access past the site.

Residents can access Pukerua Bay from the south and Paekākāriki resident access is from the north. All other road users should avoid the area and use State Highway 1, Transmission Gully, as an alternative route.

A further update on the status of reopening this stretch of State Highway 59 will be provided early in the week.

Please contact: [email protected] with your queries.

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