Long Term Plan consultation – Paekākāriki Community Board


We want to hear from you to inform the Paekākāriki Community Board’s submission into Kāpiti’s Long Term Plan.


Our Kapiti long-term plans (LTP) are a road map for the next twenty years. By getting clear on what we value, and reflecting that in our plans, we’ll be able to make the difficult choices we need to make about where to focus our resources and activities in the coming years. The Paekākāriki Community Board (PCB) has a chance to put in an early submission before the formal process begins in April 2021.

So what would you like to see invested in? What would you like to see being prioritised? We want to hear from you. We’re asking you to have your say, no matter how brief.

You could contribute one word, one paragraph or one page and all of these thoughts will inform the Paekākāriki Community Board’s submission, due on the 10th Jan, into the LTP. If someone has said what you wanted to add, make sure to still contribute it as it helps to build the mandate behind a specific priority, idea or project. There will then be a more formal submission process on the draft LTP in April of next year. This is one of the most important avenues we have to see and be a part of creating the kind of change we want. Use your voice.

You can add your thoughts by:

Writing on the poster next to the Perching Parrot in the village

Emailing one of our Paekākāriki Community Board members and also just telling them when you see them! (Holly Ewens, Tina Pope, Dan O’Connell, Jess Hortop, Sophie Handford)

Completing our PCB quick survey –

Commenting on our Facebook page


We need everything in and ready to be sent off to Council by mid January, so what’re you waiting for?!