The Lockdown Alphabet

Covid-19 punished many in the arts sector and yet it's art that we rest on and return to during crises. Paekākāriki printmaker Joe Buchanan of Diatom Press captured the human response from his garden studio resulting in an extraordinary series of hand-cut lino and letterpress prints. Drawing on his … [Read more...] about The Lockdown Alphabet

Interior world: a community photo-essay of life in isolation

Many Paekākāriki locals responded to's week-one-in-isolation photo challenge. Here's an essay hand-picked by illustrations editor Mark Coote. Our contributors: Ralph Wallace, Maree White, Lindsay Christopherson, Mark Amery, Steve Bright, Nik Bullard, Lesley Olsson, Annabel … [Read more...] about Interior world: a community photo-essay of life in isolation

A Colourful Community

Louve Pharand-Doucet is a young French Canadian student passionate about music, feminism and photography. She moved with her family in 2018 to New Zealand for a new adventure. She wants her works to show the diversity and beauty that is all around us, everyday. Escapade d'après-midi / Afternoon … [Read more...] about A Colourful Community

The white bridge

In February 2018 the huge tides caused by Cyclone Gita surged into the mouth of the Wainui Stream, taking part of The White Bridge with them. The rest of the bridge soon followed; machines stripping it down to its raw parts to be scavenged for souvenirs. That bridge was a Paekākāriki icon, a … [Read more...] about The white bridge