Run rabbit

circa 2013 The clocks in Kerrin’s kitchen layerin a syncopated tic-tic, toc-tocand when she sets the kitchen timerthe third layer is a running stitch oftictictictictictictictictictic filling the whole room and Gordon rattleswhen he walks. At the Nurse Maude Hospiceshop we are hunting for … [Read more...] about Run rabbit

How does your sun?

In Alison Holst’s sunset the sea creams like butter wind serrates the shallowson the earth’s warm crust For Daniel Vettori, the sun dips over a shimmering pitch knocks out distant island stumps spins on towards the clouds As the sun sets for Mel Gibson Barocca slips into blue Tequila fizzes … [Read more...] about How does your sun?

The return

And again I see the long pouring headland,And smoking coast with the sea high on the rocksThe gulls flung from the sea, the dark wooded hillsSwarming with mist, and mist low on the sea. And on the surf-loud beach the long spent hulksThe mats and splintered masts, the fires kindledOn the wet sand, … [Read more...] about The return


I  was  going  down the  wooden steps  onto the beachon  a fine  early spring  day and there  they wereto  meet  me, Bill,  Rach and Elsa,standing  on the tide-­‐line  waving out. I  was  wearing  an orange … [Read more...] about Welcome

No company today

Sunday alone, legging up Hemi Matenga powered by timtams and how fit I wasten years ago. Tripping on roots sitting uplike suitcase handles on the clay hard angles. No company today but crisp leavescompound, serrated, the young fern coils.Tonight scallops and beer in Whangarei.And here I see only … [Read more...] about No company today

Goose summer, Whareroa Farm

Today we dawdle up the north-east valley track,inclined together on the edge of sun and shade.Late April, and decline – the year’s and yours – feels gentlein this spread of after-season summer. The sky is crazed with gossamer.We might not have noticed if we hadn’t pausedto lounge against the … [Read more...] about Goose summer, Whareroa Farm


It  is to  do with  trees: being amongst  trees. It  is to  do with  tree ferns:   mamaku,  ponga, wheki.   Shelter  under here   is  so easily  understood.      You  can see  that trees   know  how it  is to  be bound   into  the earth   and  how it  is to rise  defiantly into  the sky. … [Read more...] about Hope