Daffodils and Paekākāriki

Paekākāriki School, home of the play-based, bare foot learner is proud of its tamariki’s creativity. Albie Calder has kindly shared two poems – ‘Daffodils’ and ‘Paekākāriki’.

Albie Calder at work


Daffodils, daffodils

The colour of the evening sky

Growing in the fields

The majestic daffodil

In the yellow field

People come from all around

To marvel the sights

Footsteps treading on the soil

In come the people

To pick the daffodils

As the sun comes down

The daffodils remain

In the yellow fields


Into the yellow sky


Surrounded by the hills and sea

Paekākāriki is the place to be

What a nice little town

You think, as you cross the railway line

Birds calling from the trees

People chattering, “How are you?”

In the village of Paekākāriki

Waves crashing

Children splashing

At the beach in Paekākāriki

Keys clacking

Pencils scraping

Oh time for lunch!

At the school in Paekākāriki

People standing, waiting

A toot by the train driver

“All aboard!”

At the station in Paekākāriki

Don’t leave yet, there is more to see

Head north of Paekākāriki

Bike gears clanging

Tram bells ringing

At the park north of Paekākāriki

Almost 2000 people, big and small

Are lucky

Lucky to live in Paekākāriki

Surrounded by the hills and sea

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