The Sea Goddesses

Inspired by the Paekākāriki Mermaids, another group of swimmers brave the sea twice a week. This time profiles regular sea swimmers, the Sea Goddesses. What began as a challenge for a group of friends, is quickly growing into a life-changing movement.  Every Monday and … [Read more...] about The Sea Goddesses

Picturing our Changing World

Paekākāriki's Felix Pharand Deschênes is playing a major role in helping define the visual narrative of the Anthropocene — the age we are now said to inhabit, a time when we as humans are exerting more influence over the planet's environment than any other element. Mark Amery from … [Read more...] about Picturing our Changing World

The Paekākāriki Mermaids

All over the world, people are taking to frigid seas, lakes and rivers ‘like fish to water’. Paekākāriki has a couple of brave groups that swim in the sea all year around. In this article we find out about The Paekākāriki Mermaids. The Paekākāriki Mermaids are a pod of women who meet every … [Read more...] about The Paekākāriki Mermaids