Bubble breakout!

A beautiful record of a community day and night 20 June at St Peters Hall Paekākāriki by photographer Bob Zuur with an array of musical talent and words from Gilbert Haisman. This night saw the hall’s new floorboards given a thorough test. Here, we take the chance to remember a few of our people in words and images.

“Everybody in Paekakariki seems to be getting an award,” said Kapiti Mayor K (Guru) Gurunathan, in his remarks that closed the brief presentation of Community Service Awards, held as part of the Bubble Breakout Community Celebration in a jam-packed St Peters Hall on Saturday 20 June. 

Guru’s impression, as he well knew, reflected the spirit of the occasion rather than the numbers involved. Still, the number of awardees was impressive, given that those who nominated people for awards―there was an open invitation to all residents to do so―were asked to restrict nominations to essential workers as designated by the government, and otherwise only to organisations and individuals (mostly volunteers) whose work during the Lockdown was substantial, onerous, and benefitted large numbers of people in the village. 

Community Board Chair Holly Jane Ewens, Kapiti Mayor K (Guru) Gurunathan and Tina Pope.

The applause for awardees was, of course, tremendous throughout, and especially for the final awards, presented to Bhavesh Morar, Horace Morar, and the staff of the Paekakariki Village Grocery Store.  The extraordinary gesture of the Morar family who prepared and distributed over 40 survival boxes for elderly and other residents in need―boxes that contained fruit, vegetables, bread, milk, meat, noodles and other groceries―had triggered dozens of nominations.  It was fitting, therefore, that the presentation ended with an instant standing ovation as Bhavesh came forward to receive, in addition to the certificates, an impressive patu intricately carved by Lenny Boonen.

Lenny Boonen with Bhavesh Morar (background Deputy Mayor Janet Holborrow, Gilbert Haisman and Holly)
Paekākāriki Orchards and Gardens Group members with locally made bread and soup from the POG harvest: Doris Zuur, Dayll McCahon, Rachel Benefield and Hannah Zwartz.
Ngāti Haumia ki Paekākāriki kaumatua Karl Farrell
Coral Trimmer and Friends
Sir Jon Trimmer
MCs (and your editors) Mark Amery and Holly Jane Ewens
Coral Trimmer and a new friend
Al Witham
Locals Andy Hummel and Jason Johnson with Pashtag
Hugo Wynne-Ewens and Laurence Hortop
Iain Gordon of Kuki Koori
Mick Finn of Kuki Koori
The Bubbles of Paekākāriki exhibition opening, which kick-started the community celebrations over the weekend, featured 55 photographs of Paekākāriki bubbles by Bob Zuur. And just look at that new floor!