Responding to the Paekākāriki Stoat!

Predator Free Paekākāriki was recently awarded a local conservation grant by Wellington
Zoo to set up community trapping lines around the village, including Campbell Park. Maree White tells us more.

Installing a trap under the watchful eye of Tui in Campbell Park. Photo: Maree White

The recent stoat sightings along The Parade at the end of 2022 was a great prompt to get
the traps out there. Predator Free Paekākāriki has now installed four boxed traps in
Campbell Park.

A stoat caught on camera on the Sand Track. Photo: Pru Tosswill and visiting friend, Manuel

The traps are housed in a box with a screw bolt for safety (see photo below). We
have positioned the traps in out-of-the-way spots for the children. If people do come across
the traps, please leave the boxes alone as they are powerful traps and the right training is
required to operate these safely.

A new trap installed in Campbell Park. Photo: Maree White

If you happen to spy a catch in the traps please let Predator Free Paekākāriki know by
emailing [email protected] or via Paekākāriki Tauhokohoko. Please do not attempt
to empty it yourself.

A massive thanks to Wellington Zoo for making all this possible,

Happy trapping this year!

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